Land Management

Jasper Lumber Company foresters are willing to work with landowners of all sizes to help achieve your land management goals. If you are considering harvesting timer to generate revenue, improve wildlife habitat, improve forest productivity. Or to achieve other objectives; our staff is willing and able to work with you.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the forest industry, our staff has the knowledge and expertise to assist you when making land management decisions. When working with us, you will be provided information on reforestation, wildlife habitats, invasive species control, water & soil protection, and much more.

We hold our logging contractors to a high standard and will only use those who are Professional Logging Manager trained. State Best Management Practices (BMPs) will be followed and implemented on timber tracts that we harvest. We want to help make sure that there are sustainable, healthy, and productive forests for generations to come.

Company land management services are performed by JLC Development, LLC as a part of the Jasper Forest Management Group. This group consists of properties in Alabama and Mississippi. Private forestland owners can join the group to get their properties certified. JFMG provides assistance with this process and continues to work closely with its members to maintain forest certification. There is rapidly increasing demand worldwide for certified sustainable forest products and these products can only come from the certified forests.

If you would like some more information about certifying the forestland with Jasper Forest Management Group, click here.

Jasper Lumber Company is actively purchasing standing timber and timberland in Alabama. For more information, click here.