Environmental Policy

Jasper Lumber Company, LLC and Southern Wood Chips, LLC value the environment in which we live and work: we are committed to excellence in environmental performance.

These companies promote environmentally, socially and economically sustainable forestry practices. We promote a land stewardship ethic that integrates reforestation, growing and harvesting of trees for useful products with the conservation of soil, air and water quality, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitat recreation and aesthetics.

These companies strive to minimize environmental impacts during the procurement, manufacture, sale and use of our products.

These companies are committed to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws. We encourage all suppliers and require contractors to participate in appropriate logger training program. We work closely with the Alabama SFI Implementation Committees and the Alabama Forestry Association to expand professionalism and the practice of sustainable forestry. These companies are committed to annually review the effectiveness of its environmental policy and programs and are committed to improve its sustainable forestry programs.

These companies are committed to implement their best efforts to avoid trading and sourcing wood or wood fiber (wood) from the following categories.

  • Illegally harvested wood;
  • wood harvested in violation of traditional & civil rights;
  • wood harvested in forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities;
  • wood harvested forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use;
  • wood from forest in which genetically modified trees are planted